Ramada Parc, Bd. Poligrafiei, nr. 3-5 B, Bucuresti 013704

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CNGF 2020


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The CNGF2020 conference will also include a technical exhibition for companies acting in the field, an opportunity for them to showcase their products, achievements, technologies, as well as for the participants, who can learn what’s new in companies’ portfolios and extend their list of collaborators.

The exhibition space provided at the Ramada Parc location is a generous one, located in the foyer of the conference hall, allowing mobility and the possibility of socializing for exhibitors and visitors.

Interested companies are invited to become partners or sponsors of CNGF2020, they can consult pre-configured sponsorship packages, where the dimensions of the proposed exhibition spaces are also specified, or contact us to establish a custom package.

The information about the exhibit will be published soon.

Contact: Ing. Alexandra Ene, alexandra.ene@p-a.ro